August 7, 2009

Make sure you hang in there until the choir kicks in at approx. 6 minutes. It gets exciting.

How many times through our individual lives do we wonder what would have been our destiny if we had taken path B instead of path A. Watching this piece of music recorded at the United Nations, attended by the people from many countries, I wondered back to an opportunity I was offered and declined with the Foreign Service of the State Department many years ago in my young days. I never regretted not taking it, but I would not be human if I did not wonder where we would have ended up. The vision of Paris, London, Rome pops up. The reality probably would have been some place much less exotic. As Rick Blaine tells Ilsa in Casablanca, "We'll always have Paris." I can tell myself I'll always have my guessing game to amuse me for a moment or two.

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