July 17, 2009

(MY COMMENTARY) This was just released today. Wouldn't it be great if just this one time the wingnuts would think, or if not think, maybe just try to agree that this is great news for the country. Forget the politics of it for just the rest of today and let us regular people enjoy this thought and the good stock market this week.

(NEWS ITEM) Economy 'Back From the Abyss:' Summers
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(Newser Summary) – President Obama's top economist is confident that swift action by the administration averted disaster, ABC News reports. “We were at the brink of catastrophe at the beginning of the year,” Larry Summers says, “but we have walked some substantial distance back from the abyss.” Summers credits the recovery to the two-tiered plan that moved quickly to stabilize the financial system while simultaneously preparing for future growth.

“First, the most immediate priority was to rescue the economy by restoring confidence and breaking the vicious cycle of economic contraction and financial failure,” Summers says. “Second, the recovery from this crisis would be built not on the flimsy foundation of asset bubbles but on the firm foundation of productive investment and long-term growth.” Even Summers is in awe of the progress: “The distance we have traveled these past six months is remarkable.”
—Harry Kimball
Source: ABC News

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