July 22, 2009


I am 72 today. The following will prove a point I am living proof of. One is that it seems I cannot construct a proper sentence and that living long does not guarantee that you gain much sense as years pile up.

Once upon a time in 1937, seventy-two years ago, I was born in a little red brick building called General hospital. Today that red brick building is a lot bigger and is known now as Med Central hospital. My cosmic connections to world events, some good and some not so good bombarded my body much like Dr. Frankenstein bombarding his monster with life giving electrical jolts, which idea was later stolen by a movie maker for a film called THE NATURAL. I wondered why I stood up and screamed "Oh Daddy", when I was watching the movie and Redford hit the ball into the light standards and the electric bolts flew all over the stadium. I was reborn.

My cosmic connection only three years before I arrived was a fellow named John Dillinger whom it was decided that he would depart on my birthday. Dillinger, a famous thief gave me a feeling of unworthiness being given so much that I sometimes feel I don't deserve what I have, much like that thief, but I will keep it and enjoy it.

My favorite baseball teams hometown was founded on my birthday in 1796, and was named Cleveland. A mixed blessing I'm sure since it has only been to the world series five times in all those years, and have only won twice. It has taught me patience.

On the same day I was born FDR tried to load the supreme court and was rejected. He hung in there and became one of our countries greatest presidents. He taught me to be persistent and good things will come.

In 1975 on my birthday the United States House of Representives voted to restore citizenship to Robert E. Lee and offered me the idea that sins I may commit in the future would be forgiven in time, if you truly want them to be.

One of the people who share my birthday with me is Alex Trebek. I wonder if all those years on Jeopardy have made him any smarter? He is only 69, a mere tot.


Bill Crider said...

Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday !!!

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A belated Happy Birthday!