June 11, 2009

Why do we travel?

Well to be quite honest about it, I don't, or at least I travel very little. It's quite a conundrum actually. When I was young and inquisitive about other countries and cultures I really could not afford to scratch the itch, and now when I could afford to indulge myself in a little world exploration I wish not to take to the road for various physical reasons. No, I'm healthy enough, just getting older, and I dislike living out of suitcases and being away from the comfort and habits I have acquired in my retirement years.

But some mornings I awake and for various reasons my mind returns to those days when I was excited about seeing new countries, exotic cities and journey among people speaking other languages than mine. It was fun, now it would just be irritating that they spoke in a language other than English.

Luckily I am in the minority and most people I think, still like to look around the next curve in the road or sample strange foods, and live for a while in the other man's shoes. This slideshow invites 23 people to explain why they like to travel.

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Inge said...

Basel would be my favorite place to go!( and I even speak the
language.) :o) Your blog is very enjoyable. Take care,