June 5, 2009

Newser) – The Obamas arrive in Paris tonight, but the president and the first lady have told the Sarkozys that they'll need a little time alone. Barack and Michelle declined a dinner invitation from the French president and wife Carla Bruni, even though they are staying at the American ambassador's residence—right next door to couple's Elysée apartment.

Obama and Sarkozy will meet tomorrow for a D-Day remembrance ceremony on Omaha Beach in Normandy. But as the Times of London points out, Obama grew irritated with Sarkozy during the G20 summit, when the French leader told colleagues he thought the president was inexperienced." That led to an ice-cold Obama telling a French minister, "Please tell Nicolas that I shall do my homework."

Good for Obama. Those French are so full of themselves beginning back with De gaulle. He though he won the second world war with a just a little help from Eisenhower and Montgomery.

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