June 9, 2009

I am not a beer drinker. I've tried different brands through the years, but none has done a thing for me. That is until recently. The wife and I were dining out at the Outback and I felt like trying once again to find a beer that I can say I like.
Well I think I have found one I truly like. Now this is all based on a one glass of beer test. Not exactly a scientifically in the lab kind of test, but a down the gullet of someone who was pessimistic at best of ever finding a beer that I liked the taste of and/or a beer I would actually recommend to anyone. The winner of the harsh one man panel is what the waiter said was a Belgian beer, with the unlikely name of BLUE MOON. I bought a small glass of the product for obvious reasons. It was presented to me in a fat pilsner glass with a slice of orange attached to the side of the glass. The liquid itself was a medium brown with orange overtones. Mine had very little head to it. It was already poured so maybe it disappeared before it made it to my table.

I took a slug.

I squeezed a little orange into the glass and took another slug.

I liked it. Since I didn't intend to have another, I never do, I nursed it throughout my meal, and each time the thought ran through my head that I actually liked it.

I read about it later on the computer and it said it is a wheat-based brew. Is this a newly discovered base for a beer? I can't answer that. I do know it said it was a Coors product. I know I will try it again whenever I find myself in proximity of a drinking establishment. I don't know what a recommendation from an almost non-drinker might mean, but it is good.

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Anonymous said...

I, too like a beer on occasion, but cannot distinguish one from another. A dangerous night out for Fred and I is to go to some dinner/drinking establishment usually on a Friday and imbide in good food and a beer. We will certainly try your recommendation of "Blue Moon". It sounds wonderful. Come join us.