June 13, 2009

The actress above is Jessica Dickey acting in her play THE AMISH PROJECT.

I live near the biggest Amish conclave (if that's the right word) in the U.S. in Holmes county Ohio. We, living in this close proximity, have become use to their dress, their buggy's, their ways, their wish to avoid having their pictures taken.

What I admire above all else is their belief's and non-violence. They live them everyday of their lives. The forgiveness shown to the killer who killed the Amish children in the school was extraordinary. Their belief in non-violence befuddles most of us, and runs counter to how most of us would react in such a moment. The scene in the movie WITNESS of the town rowdies abusing a man who in all probability could physically walk all over them is a dramatic example of their belief being pure and deep to endure such incidents and turn around and forgive the perpetrator.

The Amish in all their peculiarity's are what the original settlers asked for and received, a chance to live their lives and beliefs and contribute to the land they chose.

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