May 17, 2009


One of the last posts that I posted on Twitter was this: Is a seventy some computer user and twitter an oxymoron? Then I finished off with this: I compare posting on twitter to making a speech in an empty room. Where is the feedback to what I wrote? Then next in pure frustration, admitting defeat, confessed I was unable to understand the whole thing.

It is comparable to me of being a bulletin board, albeit an electronic one, where you drop off a note, but that's not exactly right either, because you have an expectation that someone may walk by the bulletin board and leave a note for you or contact you another way. In Twitter it's like throwing a pebble in the ocean. There is so much water and it is so big no one will hear the pebble hit or see the ripple it caused.

This I do understand, to get any interaction you have be develop enough of an identity that others will select you to follow. But who knows you and I? I selected a few well known geeks to follow, but they post jokes or plugs for their blogs or whatever. I post something and it is immediately shoved off the information highway and dies a lonely death because no one knows me, consequently I am not selected to be followed. They don't even know I've posted. I understand that name recognition is paramount, friends follow friends, relatives follow relatives. I also understand that compared to email, you don't really have to have anything of any importance to include in your post. On twitter you can just post a blurb that your glasses are dirty, lol, cu later.

In other words, what's the big deal about Twitter? I will admit this, it is probably generational, aimed at the younger people who extract from it, I don't know what. Maybe I'm entering my senile period and my brain is hardening or softening or whatever it does.

I will also confess that because of my age (it gets blamed for everything) I think that things that we spend this much time doing should have some significance, twitter just seems a waste of time.

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