May 5, 2009

An excerpt from an e-mail from one sister to another. Both of whom I have known for approximately fifty-six years.

I saw the fat butt ground hog eating in our yard yesterday. We went out to the tractor store today and a young woman working there said they are "evil." I thought that was cute, but it's true. I want to try growing carrots, but he would eat them all and I can't very well grow them in hanging pots. She recommended something that farmers use to get rid of them. I'm not crazy about killing it, that bothers me a bit but "big butt" dashes under the shed in the back and I don't like to go there in case it's lying in wait and decides to leap out and bites me in the ankle!! :-[

I love both the correspondents and one more club member of their sisterhood. We've seen each other grow up, and I will venture an educated guess that we all can't get our collective heads around the fact that we are at this juncture of the adventure. They still maintain their sense of discovery, their sense of humor, and can find something that excites them after all these years.

I like to periodically thank them all, especially the middle one for taking me in as a member of their exclusive club.

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