May 24, 2009

An Appreciation of George Will

George Will is a guy that I have learned to like. Politically he's pretty straight talking, leaning a little to the right, but not in the Limbaugh lunatic fashion. He seems to not suffer fools gladly. He is a baseball fanatic, that is a big plus. I believe he would love to be named baseball commissioner, and I believe he would do a bang up job. Baseball should consider him long and hard the next time the job comes open. He is smart as a whip and will pick the short explanation of a subject over the long drawn out show-offy way some do. He seems a cool, considerate man, a description of our founding fathers as celebrated in the play/movie 1776. Even with his low key persona he has a television presence that I have enjoyed since the Sunday show hosted by David Brinkley.

But what I have never seen is George Will smile. Bringing back the Boston Pops or Omnibus to television is as improbable to happen as seeing George break into a non-controlled fit of laughter. Some people are just serious, staid, somber, sober, grave, composed, sedate, or even melancholy, but George seems to have achieved all of the above to perfection. There is nothing wrong with always appearing the same, he could also be described as steady, reliable, and safe. I have viewed George, if I interpreted it correctly, close to anger many times, but never ever happy, joyful or in a good mood. I suppose in today's vernacular George could be the poster boy for anal retentiveness, a term I'm not particularly thrilled using, but it is so right on.

I will be disappointed if this is taken as anything more than poking a little fun at Mr. Will. I do like his reporting and he has every right to appear as he wishes. I just got this little quirk today when I was comparing Mr. Will to the Great Sphinx and was kind of amazed how long a person can hold a pose. Indefinitely I guess.

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