April 6, 2009

Today is the start of the new baseball season for most of baseball. The princeliest realm in all the baseball world will be once again in the spotlight. A new baseball castle paid for by the serfs of the realm will be opened for all to inspect and gush over. The anointed princes shall enter the field of combat adorned in their pinstriped working clothes, leaving their fully packed wallets in their personal safes located next to their room size lockers. A team comprised of the best money can buy will proudly enter the arena that is not the house that Ruth built but the jewel of the Bronx to be sure.

But the world of baseball is not always respectful of pomp and splendor. Denizens of the baseball world know the uncertainties that may befall even the mighty. The season is long and danger lurks around all the base paths. So when the days become cooler and shorter, whomever stands atop the baseball world is not always the richest of the rich.

All of which instills in all the rest of us the hope that the Gods of baseball sometimes grant all the laurels to a valiant lot, who caught all the breaks and all it's combatants stayed healthy to the end to stand tall and alone, the champions.

I, of course, know who that lot is, but in order not to spoil it for all of you I shall remain mute and smile knowingly to myself as the intricate game of baseball plays on.

Let the games begin.

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