April 18, 2009


Spring has sprung, the temps are rising, and we ventured into the woods. It is ideal this early because there are no bugs flying at your face, and new sprouts are everywhere. Hazel, my significant other (I'm just showing off my being current lingo; she is also my wife, and before that my girl friend) showed off her good eye by snapping this pic of newly emerging water flowers. I would tell you what they are called, but I haven't the foggiest.

Today with one more beautiful day promised, the program will turn to work. The lawn is in an after-winter mess. The grass is growing and the mower will have to try and show it who is boss. We all know that answer, nature is the ruler, but I will take a whack at it just so I can stay inside of all the city ordinances. Of course, all this is premised upon the old reliable mower starting up after a long winters sleep in the barn. I stopped at the gas station yesterday to get the gas can filled up and that caused a momentary grrr to come out of my mouth. The cost of filling my gas can used to be an insignificant cost, but now..oh well we've been over all that. Enjoy the picture and I will ready myself for the experience ahead.

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