April 11, 2009


I love it when I watch a movie expecting nothing and getting back a really good, enjoyable flick. That was the case with MILLION DOLLAR BABY. I had rejected looking at the movie because I thought the premise was pretty lame. Also I'm not into boxing movies in general and women's boxing in particular. But the time was right, the president didn't need me for anything at that particular moment and I had just gotten comfortably seated, and the choices boiled down to the 'baby' or watching another discussion about the bad economy. A no brainer as they say.

I should have known with a cast that includes EASTWOOD, FREEMAN, AND SWANK, it had to be good. It was. The talent of those three award winning actors flew out of the little screen and lit up my room. Eastwood was Eastwood. I thought, when the picture was coming to an end how old he is and I am going to really miss his acting, directing, and his continued vitality and contributions to show business in general. Morgan Freeman is multi-talented and can't seem to make a bad choice these days. He too is getting up there a bit in age and I put him along with Eastwood in the enjoy them now while you can category.

Aging aside, these actors are brilliant in this movie, along with an actor Hillary Swank that I think is in the Meryl Streep can't miss category. She is like Streep an extraordinary talent that can take any role and make it her own. She is so young compared to her fellow cast members and one can only imagine the awards she will continue to pile up. I knew she was good, but was late coming to the realization she is great. I won't be late from now on, I will be expecting a great performance, which is the responsibility of a star, to excel. I have no doubt she will. She has earned a seat beside Streep at the head table.

Watch the movie, it's all over the tv these days. It is a good one.

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