March 20, 2009


When I daydream,
I oft times dream in black and white.
Of sitting in a dining car on a speeding train,
smoking, and listening to the different conversations all around me.

Have you heard the latest Miller tune?
Jeepers, it's keen.

My son is in the Pacific somewhere,
I worry about him so.

Mrs. Roosevelt says in the Saturday Evening Post that many things will be different when this is all over.

Please marry me
I may not come back.

I used all my ration stamps
and bought a big steak.

Make sure you read part of my letters to the kids so they don't forget me.

Did you see the picture in Photoplay
of Gable in his uniform? He's so dreamy.

I hardly have enough gas to go anywhere,
darn war.

I understand there's no more sleeping space available, we'll just have to sit here and talk all night.

My dad got killed at Guadalcanal.
Gosh, I miss him.

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