March 27, 2009

received this comment from sondra about the corruption of our English language, and the seeming unwillingness on our part, to address it's importance:

Loved the article about "seen". I agree that it is getting worse and worse and even among educated people.
We have several new doctors at our hospital and in my job as a medical transcriptionist I hear these capable and highly educated physicians absolutely destroy our English language. Trust me it is not the foreign ones, but our own sons and daughters. As an example:
"knowing the imponderances and risks of surgery, these risks were discussed with the patient including death, and other comorbidities".
After I gained my composure with the word "imponderances", I quickly got hit again with "including death and other comorbidites". After death what other comorbidities can there be?
I could go on and on, but the fact that I need all the English skills I ever learned in my everyday job, and will be reprimanded if I don't use them correctly, to have to transcribe this crappy language is more than this old lady can handle on some days. Growing up, doing well in English class by speaking and writing correctly was mandatory. I even liked diagramming sentences. I could go on and on about the horrors I hear everyday by accomplished people, but then I wouldn't get any sleep tonight.
America we are losing pride in our country, let's not lose the language also.

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h j keller said...

Bravo Sondra and Public Reader!