March 28, 2009


I work crosswords, my wife works crosswords. That said, you have to guess that I like words and the occasional discovering of new words. It is a great discovery when the new word is a word that I may use again. When the newly, great discovered word, is a word that describes me or my surroundings, it is better yet. What is this great new word that I discovered?

Well, now that I have gone to a new paragraph, as if in anticipation of great revelations with accompanying ruffles and flourishes from the computer room orchestra, you're going to be disappointed. Well maybe I go too far. I feel an anticlimax right about here.

I must describe my physical condition at this moment so you can see how my new word fits in. I am old.

My new word is: SENESCENCE, which means growing older, aging. Now I certainly am going to find ample opportunities to throw that new baby in somewhere in some conversation in the future. O.K. so it's not that great, but I'm in a state of senescence, so give me a break.

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