March 30, 2009

Loving, forgiving, talking, don't always insist you are right, sometimes being wrong and admitting it is good. It can't hurt you and increasing 'your friend for life's' self esteem is more important in the long run. Always talk, establish a team of us against the world if need be. Remembering good things is enjoyable for the both of you. Forget the bad times, reliving them over and over serves no good purpose. Always remember this woman or man you married long ago was once young, but not now. Be kind to each other, kind, loving words will help heal a little those aches and pains we've picked up from somewhere along the way. Remember to say in deed as well as in words that you're sure glad we made this trip together.

Assumed authority for above words? Married fifty-three years and hoping for fifteen more.

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Melissa said...

Only after being married for 20 years can I now truly understand and respect what it takes to have a 53 year marriage. Congratulations.

Sadly, I fear there won't be many in my generation who will be able to accomplish the same thing. Getting married later in life and far too many divorces will make 53 years seem like something out of a science fiction book.