March 17, 2009


Robert B. Parker a favorite author of mine, who chronicles the life's of Spenser and the popular Jesse Stone characters. Mr. Parker seemed to have been stuck on the relationship between Jesse and his ex-wife Jenn in recent books. They talked to each other constantly, she showed up frequently, then she would go off and sleep with someone else. Stone was confused and a drinking scene inevitably would follow. This continued for at least two books, maybe three, I'm too lazy to research it but take my word for it. It became redundant. I wrote a blurb about it in the blog. I hoped he would write her out, kill her off whatever. Well.....the latest book NIGHT AND DAY is out, I read it, I liked it as I do all his stuff, but hallelujah it looks like Parker has done it. This has nothing important to do with the plot so I'm not giving anything away, but it looks like JENN IS NOT DEAD, BUT STONE HAS BLOWN HER OFF! Too much is too much even for lovelorn Jesse.

Good show Robert B Parker.

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