February 9, 2009


There is nothing more exciting to a young boy than going to a major league ballgame. I can attest to that from my own life and to my eldest son who I think loves the game more than I do. Going to the game is the epitome for a fan, seeing the beautiful stadiums and the beautiful green outfields (if it's real grass) or even if it's not and the ballplayers who stand ten feet tall in a boys eyes. As a boy ages the ballplayers size shrinks closer to a human beings size, but always remains a little larger than life to us fans. Catching a ball while at a game is almost one of the biggest thrills there is. Meeting a hall of fame type player being the highest I think. My son became almost sick, literally, in anticipation of a game we went to in Detroit, and in fact we landed a ball at that game. I believe he still might have that ball at the age of forty something. This CBS interview with a big time fan is quite good about the psyche of a big time baseball grabber and what he does to get one.

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