February 25, 2009

While watching President Obama last night, I was grateful for at least one thing; I could understand what he was saying. Thinking back to former president Bush's speeches I can only assume President Obama will be in line for some big bucks in his retirement years.

Bush is ready for new job: speechmaking

Newser) – George Bush is officially ready for his new job: speech-maker. Now signed up with the Washington Speakers Bureau, Bush plans to make at least 10 speeches around the world in the next year. The first—"A Conversation With George Bush"—will be March 17 in Calgary to business leaders, reports Politico. But his ambitions on the lecture circuit go far beyond a simple “conversation,” as his promotional materials show.

Bush served "for eight of the most consequential years in American history,” his brochure reads. “Faced with challenges from a terrorist attack to a global financial crisis, he made difficult decisions that will shape the nation's course and world affairs for decades to come.” He promises to "share candid insights," and fees are "based on location." But can he outdo Bill Clinton? Bush's predecessor has made $40 million so far, notes the London Times.
Sources: Politico, Times (UK)

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