January 14, 2009

Wooster meets Jeeves and visa versa. The start of a beautiful friendship, to steal a line from Casablanca. Two very talented men Hugh Laurie, whom we all know as House, the doctor with terrible bedside manners; and Stephen Fry who has gone on to many things. He is an author of many books and produces and appears on many BBC productions. He also has a website and a podcast which I really enjoy. I listened to Fry for a half hour last night relating how he absolutely hates dancing. He is such a master of the English language and he is uber intelligent, and funny. Go to Itunes-podcasts-and type in Stephen Fry and you won't be sorry.

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Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed watching that series.

It's a shame that Birdie didn't take that nice Mr. Jeeves to America with him when he became Dr. House, maybe he wouldn't be so grouchy now!

Sincerely, Miss Eula