January 12, 2009

We base much of our opinion of something or someone on their appearance. A good looking woman interviewing for a job as a receptionist has a better chance of landing the job than an ordinary looking woman. Fair? no. True? probably, but there is always hope that things will change.

The same applies in the flower world, at least in the rose category. We have been raising a Queen Elizabeth rose bush for 35 years. It is beautiful and just keeps blooming year after year. People ooh and aah over its beauty. It has a lovely name, beautiful visage, but its disposition is mean. Don't touch her, she will bite you with those thorns no matter how careful you tread around her. She is a look, don't touch kind of woman. I believe it, you better also.

(check out those thorns. They are lethal, take it from me. I have felt their lethal-ness several times.

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