December 2, 2008

NEW RECIPE SITE. Hazel has been cooking for 53 years and has been accumulating recipes in boxes, drawers, filing cabinets, you get the idea. As I get them from her I will post them here. Sorry I don't have them sorted in any manner but that seems like too much of a job. So here they are as I get them. I'm only sorry you can't see the originals with thumb smudges and unknown ingredients attached to the original recipe, but you've all seen old recipes and you know what they look like. As I look at them I see some who, counter to what I've said, are not inexpensive to make, but most of them will be. It had to be when she was feeding three kids, 2 boys and a girl, who could finish off the victuals. Enjoy them as I enjoy looking at them and remembering.

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