December 13, 2008

In a companion blog about the decade of the forties, A decade of change, I am mentioning some of my favorite films of that decade. I wanted also to mention a much later film here that I like for another reason. The film is titled, THE DEAD, written by James Joyce, a film that takes us back to a time when we were more mannerly and concerned with each others feelings. The reason is that it mesmerizes me and transports me to another time by their speech and manners. The content, although literate and wonderful as in a great poem is sometimes too intellectual for my understanding, but the feelings they emit sucks me in and I am with them until the end of the film. This film directed by John Huston (his last film before his death) has so many fine scenes from my perspective, fine because of the feeling it generates that carries me with them to the end of the film. This particular scene is a prime example of my lacking the intellect to completely understand each stanza, but emotionally it grabs me every time I look at it.

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