December 7, 2008

I'm getting older and I know you can't hide from it, but I ran across this article from Foreign Policy magazine. Don't know what it has to do with foreign policy, but anyway it's called: The List: Ways We Will Die in 20 Years. I really prefer the head in the sand method of facing the inevitable, but curiosity sometimes gets the best of me and I kind of turn the page just a little so I can peek in (on the computer, of course we have to just pretend a little). Take a look it's not graphic or even very alarming.

Since I have this morbid streak going on in my brain for the moment, I might as well finish up with this review of a book I was checking on in the library. It is a book written by Julian Barnes who it turns out is totally spaced out worrying about dying. It's titled NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. It's kind of a strange title since he is so obviously petrified of the whole notion. Here is the review.

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