December 12, 2008

I am amazed that those right wing ideologues such as Limbaugh and the other guy who shout at us over the airwaves daily, have such a huge audience. I understand the economics of negativity and its ability to draw crowds, but what a one trick pony they are. Do you think they can turn off their public scorn, their rant and raves at will, while displaying an absolute lack of any form of objectivity? Or is that their normal mindset, and they must they go through life ticked off at any divergence of their way of thinking? Or do you think that maybe its all an act and they turn it on and off each day at showtime?

Sometimes though I have more sympathy for the people in the peanut gallery who listen to every word they spout and believe it has come from the mount. The notion that he is already amassing sticks and stones against the new President-elect when he has not yet even spent a night at 1600 causes the bile to rise from my craw. Oh well to be a politician one of the prerequisites are to develop a thick skin and one deaf ear. Well I'm done now and I will wish the new guy in the White House very good luck and I'm sure Limbaugh etal does too, even though it will be bad for business.

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