December 22, 2008

Best Friend

A marriage if it's blessed with luck,
a lot of luck
will last until the end of our time on God's good green earth.

A journey not without trials and tribulations.
In some cases
In my case we started out so young and
so ill-prepared and quite frankly dumber than
Ohio riverbed rocks
Unsure of and unschooled in much of anything.

Good times, hard times, unsure times, exciting times,
sad times.

Times met head on, error, mistakes, folly, all met us on the road.

Years passed, we slowly began to learn, began to understand,
and anticipate life on its terms.

Always learning little lessons, some important, some not, some
lessons to pass on, some not.

Until one day we wake up and find our shared life has gone by and
we now stand alone and yet again we learn another lesson.

That somewhere in the journey we became friends. How important
is that? I could argue it is the most cherished of all.

Friends, best friends, know each others weaknesses and their strengths,
but would never try to capitalize upon either for gain. Best friends
are the most trusted, and the most comfortable to be with for as
long as God will allow.

My best friend has gotten better looking, smarter, braver, and the one
person I want to be with when our journey together ends.

Happy Anniversary Best Friend.

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