October 4, 2008

I know you've run across one of these lists before. I know I have. I like this one though because it only requires that I read 30 books before I die, and I have already read three of the first ten. Here is the list. 30 books you should read

I kind of have a handicap though. I am 71 so I'm getting a little late start. On the other hand I have a little advantage to getting it done, I am retired so I can read until my eyes fall out if I wish. I don't of course but I could. You understand all that I'm sure. The eyes will hang in there long enough I think, but my rear end will only allow sitting for so long. I may have to learn to read while I walk. I read somewhere recently and I forget where but it's not that important that this guy couldn't master speed reading so he had to figure out an alternative. He discovered he could read while he walked during the day, so I guess where there's a will there's a way.

While reading these thirty books will come a little late in making me a more rounded person, it will provide satisfaction like crossword puzzles do. It won't include cheerleaders, or bands playing when you enter the field, so I will have to be satisfied with self congratulations. Kind of an empty finish, I was kind of looking forward to the bands and confetti. Oh well, I will report when I have finished the first five books and let you know what I learned from each. I already know that I will report failure on at least one. I know I will not read WAR AND PEACE. Too long and I already attempted that years ago, but I won't again.

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Anonymous said...

I have read 4 books so far from the list "30 Books to Read Before You Die". I am 70 years old, do you suppose if I read very slowly that I will be granted longevity in order to read through the entire list? LOL
Wonderful ezine, keep up the good work.

Your faithful reader, Miss Eula