August 8, 2008


I confess at the outset that I don't know any answers to my question. I only have theories or hints at what the answers are.

I have watched the documentary AN INCONVINIENT TRUTH and have followed somewhat the disdain shown to it and its author. I credit some of the backlash to politics as the author and presenter is the former vice president Al Gore. Politicians and political parties have long memories of, and believe that anything written by even an ex-politician must be political.

Besides all that, I for the life of me cannot think why anyone would think there are some sinister underlying plots to a presentation that documents the warming up of our planet and its probable damage to it. I could understand that maybe the viewer does not believe the data presented or the conclusions made from that data, but all of which is easily, I presume, checkable in these days of computers and the Internet. But I cannot understand the animosity toward the whole enterprise.

My ignorance prevents me from making any judgements except to say when I look at what some others say on the subject, it seems they are debating whether Co2 is the reason. I certainly don't know, but whatever it is, global warming seems to be too real and I think it would gladden scientists that the subject is being discussed, and studied.

My conclusion is of course, it's money. Some peoples ox is being gored. (pardon the pun) That is the easy answer, are there others?

In a time past there was another whistle blower who warned us of a peril to our planet. That was Rachel Carson and her book SILENT SPRING. An expose of the over use of the chemical DDT. It too caused a fury from the chemical industry and they belittled her findings.

Like AN INCONVIENIENT TRUTH, SILENT SPRING was accusing big business of unconscionable practices and their profits were in jeopardy. When big money is at stake, politicians are readily available to champion the pursuit of the dollar.

Does anyone doubt this?

From National Geographic: GLOBAL WARMING 101

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