August 6, 2008

Things I miss.

Each morning while dressing after a cool or warm shower, dependent upon the season which one is more enjoyable, I like to listen to some old CD's. The majority of which feature music from the fifties, sixties, and seventies. These songs were the music that accompanied my wife and I through our young, very busy years and act now as signposts of my life.

They almost all captured a moment of each of our lives with lyrics that from time to time were close to poetic. I don't wish to be argumentative and compare this music to the sounds of rock and roll, but I think that is what rock and roll is, sound, usually loud and demanding with a strong percussive beat throughout. Apples and oranges I believe is the proper definition. I just happen to, because of my age I am sure, still get emotionally caught up in one of those blasts from the past as some hot DJ used to quip.

Lyrics like this for example are close to poetic: I left my heart in San Francisco, where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars..etc. It goes on to tell a story, and even though most of us probably have never been to San Francisco, can substitute a city of our choice and it will work just fine. Consider the song written by a unique talent, Hoagy Carmichael, called September Song that tells a story that is so poignant and prophetically true for all of us, I wonder why I like it so...the days dwindle down to a precious gets me every time I hear it.

And then there is the great classic..Mares eat oats and Does eat oats, and little Lambs eat ivy...well maybe they weren't all keepers, but an awful lot were.

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