August 24, 2008

Halls of Ivy

I enjoy the internet, which is obvious from the many hours I devote to it. The vastness and the depth of the content amazes me. It is, of course, the latest in technology and ever expanding so it seems strange perhaps that one of its stars is old time radio. At least that is to its little older fans. It's a good reason for us old ducks to wallow in a little nostalgia. One of the programs that was a quality show with literate overtones, not too much of course, was the highly rated HALLS OF IVY, starring that most sophisticated of all our actors RONALD COLMAN, a very good actor of his day. Through the auspices, and generosity, TCM, a channel that gives us uninterrupted movies, full length, with a sometimes guide to explain little known facts about the feature and its actors came a very good movie starring the above Mr. Colman and Greer Garson, RANDOM HARVEST. If you've been put off by the age of the film or the title, don't be. It is a very good movie, but sorry there are no car chases or judo chops in the whole thing. Here is a large sampling of the radio show HALLS OF IVY:

Internet Archive: Details: The Halls of Ivy

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