June 5, 2008

I read an article this morning in the Times that stated that drinking copious amounts of red wine could extend your life. Seriously, they are and have been conducting studies that they believe will do that. The article goes into the subject in more depth and is fascinating to read and conjure upon. It adds that the 'magic pill' would also slow or end cancer and alzheimer's and they are deadly serious about it. I don't wish to make a comic routine out of the article, but it's too late for me if it came out on the market today and you have to admit it sounds like the mad scientists is at work in his laboratory somewhere in Romania. Comedy aside, it is serious enough for Glaxosmithkline to be offering up millions of dollars for the 'formula'.
Read the article here

Somewhat seriously though what if this would pan out? Life changes would follow for all the world. Except maybe for my crowd, the retirees of the world. First it would extend our expectations of how long we would be around and the delights and problems it would cause. It's my nickle so I would say it will add forty years to our lifespan. I'm not sure my neighborhood will be safe to live in forty years from now, so moving might be in the cards. Where would I want to spend my newly expanded life? I like where I'm at, but if someone is waving a collect $200, get out jail card at me I guess I would have to think about it.

Another thing, I might want to go back to work, oh my God, what am I saying. But it's true. I love my wife completely, but she would probably have a slight change of thought and be thinking it might be a good idea for me to get out of the house and give her a little privacy now and then, matter of fact, she might want to go back to work also.

If I went back to work, I would not want to work where I did, but I'm probably not trained to do what I really want to do, so I might have to go back to school. Actually millions of us would have to go back to school to bring us up to date on the technology needed to get by in the everyday workplace. Oh jeeze this might get more complicated.

I can see some businesses that might be in for a little lean spell. The funeral business I would think would have a forty year depression until we have used up our forty year gift of new life and started to wear out and succumb to some disease that hasn't yet reared it's ugly head. The government might have to cross train funeral directors in the interim as philosophers or guidance counselors.

I could go on and on, but it brings up a more serious aspect of the life extension. Would we use it for ill or good? My snap judgement is the former, but everyday brings something new, so we hope for good things.

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