June 28, 2008


The U.S. Supreme court has alleviated some of an old timers fears when in a moment of unthinking, I might have put myself in the predicament of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If perhaps darkness is coming on and I am, like an unthinking citizen, am out for a walk on a city street am confronted by two or three 250 pound hulks coming toward me sharing a sidewalk only wide enough for two, maybe three. One of us is going to have to go. Guess which one will be encouraged to give way? Yeah you're right. But now instead of looking at the worst, a mugging and a little face rearranging, I can now feel much safer knowing that the Supreme court of the United States has given these good citizens who are probably going to assault me physically a 'metal convincer' that he can now carry legally just in case the other sport they will have with me bores them a little.

Of course I too can start packing as Matt Dillon used to say, but what good is one legal gun against three legal guns, I lose. Well I suppose the highest court of the land is working on the reasons to set us back a century into those good old rooting tooting days of the wild west. Now we can live through the good new days of the wild east, south and north too. Anyway I certainly feel safer, I won't have to call up the Equalizer, I'll have it in a holster when I take that little walk before bedtime.

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