May 3, 2008

I think you could say, your life made a difference, if when you died your obit appeared in the New York Times. If the life was not exactly memeorable, at least it must have been sufficiently important enought to qualify for the fifteen seconds of fame that someone said some of us strive for.

I'm not a regular reader of the obit columns, but today for some reason I clicked in to see who left us, and the diversity of people who did some really memorable things or at least were well known for one reason or another caught my attention. For example:

PHILIPP VON BOESELAGER died. He was the last surviving member of the group of people who shoved an exploding briefcase under a table where Hitler was standing. It blew up but didn't do the job. Good try anyway Mr. Von Boeselager. Rest in Peace.

JIM HAGER died. He was the brother of Jon Hager who together appeared on the country celebrating show Hee Haw. The show that celebrated rural one liners and a little guitar plucking music. I liked the show it was fun. Jim and his brother added to the enjoyment. Rest in Peace Jim.

BUZZIE BAVASI died. One of those names from baseballs past. A general manager for the old Brooklyn Dodgers and for a while the Los Angeles Dodgers when they made the move. He made a lot of people angry and a lot of people happy.

WILLIAM H. STEWART died. So who was William H. Stewart you say? William was a surgeon general of the United States. Still doesn't ring a bell? How about the guy who got that warning put on the side of all cigarette packages that said, just in case you hadn't heard, this smoke that you are about to suck into your lungs is not so good for your health. Good show Mr. Stewart, you probably started millions of people thinking seriously about what that smoke is doing to their lungs. A lot of people are living longer because of you. Rest in Peace.

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