April 4, 2008

the cow has jumped over the equinox
or something
and spring is here.

like every spring the weather is
nicely put, unsettled.

today as I look out my window at
my expected location of sweat and toil
I see clouds swollen with rain preparing
a new unloading of same.

the same ground that yesterday was receptive
to my initial ministrations and promises
that I would preen it and feed it and bring
it back to an appearance it could be proud of

today is water laden, akin to dry skin
sucking up skin lotion it will emerge from the rain
a little greener, a little more prepared for the human
toilers excavations, and scratching of the earth,
planting this and that, rearranging and sowing

rituals from time immemorial repeated, only
differing in size and scope, and purpose.

oh yes, purpose. The land, a gift from God.
Land, the soil answers the call with
bounties to fill each persons needs, returning
in kind the diligence of the landowner.

so sit back while it rains and feeds the land
and dream of fields of flowers or vegetables
yet to be sowed, be content. You haven't come
across that huge bolder yet to be uncovered, or
those forgotten roots that eminate from China.

but that's for tomorrow, today smile, dream and
have another cup of coffee.

jim kittelberger

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