March 17, 2008

Weather-wise things are pretty much back to normal. The snow is still visible in patches in our yards. Here in my hometown the snow set a record at 19 inches. In my backyard and driveway the yardstick registered 21 inches. Way deep enough and way cold enough, to paraphrase our hippie friends, and way miserable enough to last me for a long time.

I was reminded of this little piece I wrote some years back:


The door slams behind me, loud in the quiet night,

Winter moonlight bathes the tundra

Work boots crunch a frigid cadence

Diamonds in the snow sparkle its fools gold

Do not linger

Silent eternity awaits the foolish

The cold invades my clothing

Quicker the crunching sound

I must hurry; I must hurry

The wind arrives unexpected as death

Snow swirling, envelopes me in white sheets

I’ve lost my way, make a quick back track while I may

Tears spring unbidden from my eyes and turn to ice

I must hurry

My tracks are being covered, but I know it’s this way

Yes I know I’m right

Crunch; crunch

Quickly, the enemy panic arrives

Faster; faster

I can’t see, should I go ahead, or back or

Oh God, help me

I’m so tired

There, under that tree I’ll wait

I’ll wait and think

It has to stop soon

I’ll rest and wait

I hope my love will forgive me for being late

I’ll just close my eyes for a moment

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