March 22, 2008

Some people are so clever. I found this site accidentally like I do a lot of sites. I couldn't resist sticking my ugly mug on one of those pages. The picture was taken at Malabar State park, a favorite place of my wife and I.

Computers are great company and can be a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

You can bring your mug to my house anytime Sonny!

Fondly, Miss Eula

Smart A$$ said...

How do you find a site accenditally? Did you fall down and mash the keyboard and it magically typed has 500 more online magazine makers. lets you put your face on another body.

jimkitt said...

SmartA$$, actually the truth was very bazaar. I was bored so I wrote a program that used my cursor as a dart which I would fling at the desktop, and it flew straight and true to STUMBLEUPON, where it spit out the site of which we discuss.

Please come back often Smarta$$, I enjoy your sarcasm.