February 17, 2008


A second cup of coffee
The Sunday newspaper
Tuning in Meet the Press
A leisurely read of the op-ed section of the paper
Time to lay my head back and close my eyes
Moments to leaf through waiting books
Quiet conversations (is that an oxy-moron?)
Late breakfast or early lunches
Contemplating spring
Remembering long walks under branches of green leaves
Daydreaming of warm days on a quiet bench watching people scurrying to appointments and remembering when I was among them

Sunday kind of dreams that come easy and slowly because what's the rush anyway.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, great writing! You put me in a very relaxed frame of mind. Do you rent out space in your dream chair?
Good job.
Miss Eula

jimkitt said...

For you Miss Eula I'd gladly share it with you.