February 23, 2008

Oh my, poor me. My wife is a gemini and if you know anything about what signs someone is born under you will know a gemini is a person of many talents, all of which they like to do all at the same time. They start a project, then before it is finished it is tabled for a while so they can tackle another project. My wife is a gemini in good standing.

Now why did I start out with oh my, poor me? Actually I am saying that tongue in cheek, unless I am bemoaning my expanding waistline. She is currently in a baking mood, one of the really good creative moods she visits from time to time. I have in recent days had to endure eating my share and some of hers also of chocolate brownies, and now yesterday and today, a pineapple upside down cake, and today and tomorrow I have just discovered chocolate chip cookies are destined for the oven as I write.

In between the baking she is trying out some new recipes, for instance last night we had a Chinese meal of spicy garlic chicken and jasmine rice. Oh my God was that good. So feel sorry for me having to endure yummy delights. Oh, you don't, well I don't feel sorry for me either. I am smiling as I finish this hearing the oven beeping out a signal that says come take the cookies out of me and start sampling. That's my cue.

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