February 7, 2008

I don't know what to make of Joe Liebermann.

On one hand I applaud his independency, but on the other hand can a politician stand with one foot in each camp?

Is he a man of character or a man who is acting out of spite because the Democrats did not claim him as theirs in the last general election? He ran as an independent and won providing him with the proper props I would think to go his independent way, and I like that.

On the other hand how can he caucus with the Democrats and then turn around and endorse the Republican for president?

Evidently the Democrats have made up their minds and have stripped him of his super delegate status for the Democratic convention, which seems right to me.

So on the left side of my brain I say that the Democrats should read him out of the party. On the other hand I say Joe Liebermann is what most of us strive to be, an independent man, beholden to no one, but willing to take the consequences of that path.

Should Joe Liebermann be a chapter in Profiles in Courage, or be made to shorten his current title from Independent Democrat to plain Independent. That's not all bad is it?

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