January 28, 2008

One thing that really galls me is what just happened between McCain and Romney. They hurl the worst epithet they can think of at each other, they called each other Liberal.

If you listen to these guys you'd think anyone other than them should wear a big red L on their chest. I cringe when I hear it. Especially when I hear it from McCain. What it brings to my mind is that they are becoming world class panderers, pandering for the conservative rights blessing.

McCain now labels himself a proud conservative. He's never been conservative enough for those he now panders for their approval. He has always been a moderate Republican, a vanishing breed for sure. I have always liked moderate Republicans, there have been some great ones in the past before it became a part of the Republican presidential litmus test to have to run the gauntlet of acceptability, acceptability from the conservative right that is. To become a first class panderer.

It makes me sick to see McCain doing what he is doing because he finds it necessary if he wants to win the nomination. He is a proud man, sometimes a flinty hard man, but never a panderer until now.

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