December 3, 2007

Today starts the baseball meetings in Nashville.

The general managers meet and try to connect the money to the player. Some players will get much richer today or tomorrow. Baseball fans hope that maybe one or two of the big boppers end up in their teams uniform. My favorite team is among the small market teams so our general manager has to be more circumspect with his owners money.

My favorite team has a good farm system, hence lots of mlb ready prospects that some teams want very badly. So the hope of most teams is that they will have enough money combined perhaps with one or two promising young players to be able to land the big bopper or flamethrowing pitcher that will propel us into the lusted after post season.

This is high excitment time for baseball fans. Our dreams have not yet been dashed by reality which is that only about five teams in all of baseball have the money to shop in this very high priced supermarket. But we in the small market crowd will hang around and hope that lightning will strike and we will walk away with casey at the bat or a guy named Hobbes from The Natural or someone just like him.

So good luck all you small market baseball fans, lets hope we win one for all the fans who don't live on the coasts and wonder how it must be to have enough corporate money to buy super talented people like we buy McDonald burgers. Oh well.

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Bill Crider said...

My favorite team has a farm system left in disarray by several years of stupidity. It's going to take more years to whip it back into shape, if that can even be done.