October 21, 2007

This is probably as 'political' as I will get on this forum.

Open letter for Mr. Al Gore,

To begin I use the salutation Mr. advisedly. I will explain.

First though I wish to congratulate Mr. Gore for winning the Nobel peace prize primarily and the secondary awards of Oscar and Emmy. I think the work he's done in bringing the subject of Global warming to the forefront of public discourse is commendable.

The main point I wish to expound on is the possibility that he may be talked into running again for the office of president. Don't do it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, his pictures of late speak volumes. He looks happy and he is allowing his waistline to expand, another sign of a satisfied, and in his case a relaxed man living the life he wants, and being highly successful at it.

Don't let the politicians talk you into getting back into the shark-invested waters of presidential politics. I for one would like you to run again, but that's just because I like my presidents to be intelligent and knowlegable, I'm just funny that way I guess.

So Senator Gore that is why I used the salutation of Mister Gore at the beginning. You are doing great at being Citizen Gore, so keep it up and be happy. You seem to have managed your rehabilitation from politician to citizen very well.

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