October 19, 2007

Taking advantage of the wonderful youtubes I am able to bring back moments of my life. For example I was a young kid in 1949 when television was new and I was fascinated by it. Our next door neighbor was the first on the block, a cliche to be sure, but he actually was, to have a television set and he tolerated me most days when I asked to watch Captain Video and other brand new programs in the new medium.

It was great as I remember, but in actuality it really wasn't in technical terms. It was primitive in all aspects, but I wasn't a critic, I just liked it. I remember the reception was so poor and white lines would run up and down the screen and the horizontal and vertical holds would have trouble keeping the picture focused and I would watch it so intently that I would get headaches from the efforts. But it was worth the effort I thought.

The accompaning you tube video I probably saw live because I certainly would have wanted that ring with the one size fits all mechanism. I was a great send for things in the mail kid. I was constantly looking for something in the mailbox.

The other video is a PEP breakfast commercial with another send for a ring offer which would have been around the same time period. Ah the good old days.

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