August 8, 2007

We have a butterfly bush in our backyard and other flowering beauties that right now are outdoing themselves in the midst of an oppressing heat wave (up to 98 forecast for this week). The butterflies of many species are flittering all over the place. To get to my garage I must walk close to the bush that is now full of blooms and butterflies. They show no fear of people and it is a hoot walking throught them. It reminded me of a short little nothing poem I wrote several years ago about one of the main visitors, an eastern tiger swallowtail.

(the flight of the eastern tiger swallowtail)

It slews,

it yaws,

it sideslips

It meanders

In a less than straight

Path to the nectar

It’s beauty, it’s grace,
It’s vulnerability

Straight to my heart.

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