August 5, 2007

A hut set on the FOUNDATION of a FORD in 1936.

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the Ford Foundation about the possibility of them funding the restoration of Hannibal Missouri ala the work the Rockefeller foundation did for Williamsburg Virginia many years ago. I think Sam Clements (Mark Twain) is the epitome of Americana and a great figurehead for what a person can become in this country. Hannibal is a great dissapointment for anyone visiting there expecting to see some vestige of Aunt Polly or old Huck and his pal Tom. It is mostly a run down town with a few souvineer shops. I thought it would be a project worthy of a foundation with deep pockets to take on to bring the town back to what it may have looked like in the days of Mark Twains youth. Well I did send the letter and I did get an answer. Yeah you're right; thanks but no thanks.

I just discovered the reason on Shorpy's site. Perhaps I sent it to the wrong Ford Foundation.

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