August 11, 2007

A few days ago I discovered, and listed in my little piece about becoming a septuagenarian, a list of twenty things to do while you are still alive. I kind of enjoyed listing them. As I recall I had not done any of them and only regretted not doing one of them. I am looking at another mag, this time the Atlantic mag, and on their inside cover they have another list of twenty that I should not miss. I will list them and see how I do this time:

Go to the NFL Pro Bowl

Walk the red carpet at a movie premier

Master Japanese cooking

Stomp grapes

See the Tony Awards, live

Spend Christmas on a tropical island

Fly around the world

Go camping and live off the land

Own a room with a view

Go on a safari

Visit an active volcano

Pay the toll for the car behind you

Test-drive a supercar

See the Terracotta Warriors

Shave your head

Drive across the Seven Mile Bridge

Discover a planet

Get a degree in enology

Spend a weekend in Las Vegas like a high roller

Go to the Olympic Games

Again I strike out on all of the above. In this list though there are a couple I might like to do. They are 'go on a safari', and the other is 'see the Terricotta Warriors' in China. Lord, Lord, what is it I wonder would I include on my personal list of things to do while I'm still here and in decent enough shape to do them? Anyways, take out a Visa card and demand a big credit line and the card company will be happy, in case you get the Jonseys to do one on the list.

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