July 13, 2007

The internet abounds with video these days. I remember when my wife and I first became members of the internet community back in 1997 watching a video was an adventure. Streaming video was not so much a streaming stream, but a jerking, jumping film that your patience would give up on long before the video was finished. Now days it is like night and day. The videos, most of them anyway, look good, don't start and stop along the way, and sound good. Video has also become a big business item, Youtube sold for lots of money, bought by Google I think. This is all preface to a couple recommendations to add to your daily business of staring at the also refined flat monitors we use mostly now. Charlie Rose, an interviewer I think is tops, has been on the tube for a long time now, but he's on at or after 11:30 at night, a time when I am dozing and not at my most receptive. I have had to copy his show from time to time, but that is not really a remedy. But now Charlie has released thousands of his shows for us to view at our leisure. I am loving it. Check him out at charlierose.com.

Another great resource is C-SPANs series on American writers and American presidents, available to view whenever you are in a history kind of mood. If you're interested in writers, presidents, or just about anyone on Charlie Roses show you should be loving these things.

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