July 17, 2007

I am finishing up another in the Toby Peters series written by Stuart Kaminsky. This one is entitled SMART MOVES. As all of his books featuring Toby this one is set in the forties. As in all of his adventures Kaminsky works in notables of the day. This time it is none other than Albert, frizzy head himself, Einstein, and the baritone, actor Paul Robeson running afoul of trouble and needing Toby Peters help extracating themselves, actually Einstein is the one needing protection and Paul gets sucked into the trouble.

As in his other books Kaminsky manages to work in some historical events along the way. In one scene he has Toby attending the Paramount theater in New York when Tommy Dorsey and his band appeared on-stage after the feature film starring Bob Hope finished. He finds himself nearly the only male in the audience of young teen-age girls waiting for Dorsey's band singer to appear. The band singer, of course, was Frank Sinatra and the girls went wild. It was the first time something like that happened in those days. It was not unlike the girls screaming when the Beatles appeared back in the sixties.

He adds other pieces of history as the story proceeds. The Toby stories are not expected to be taken real seriously, but to be enjoyed as you are transported back to those days of the forties.

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