May 9, 2007


So starts the piece. I thought it was just my wife and I who can't abide the offerings put forward by the television powers that be. I guess not. The people are staying away in droves. I say, GOOD. I'm glad that the numbers are reflecting the publics dissatisfaction with the drivel they're presenting. That they don't have a clue what's wrong is pretty off-putting. I can speak for the older generation, whom they have saddly no interest in, and tell 'them' that they might get a little stir if they would spend a little money on good writers to write good STORIES, not about teen-agers, but grown-up people with grown up interests, and grown up problems. When everything about television was new, the network owners hired well known writers to write new stories for television. It worked then, it might work again if they don't con the writers into writing teen age pap. Well I know they won't try this so I won't waste anymore time on it. You deserve your falling ratings. I'll turn now to the book I was reading, books remember them?

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